Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following terms and conditions apply every time you make an online purchase. Before you finish your purchase, please read them carefully.





„The website“ refers to our website;

„The product“ refers to all products that we deliver to you in accordance with these terms and conditions;

„The order“ refers to the order that you confirmed, with all details and products that you ordered;

„We“ refers to HNK Hajdik š.d.d. - Hajduk webshop;

„You“ refers to the person who uses the website or places online orders;


How terms and conditions apply:

1. The conditions in Section A explain how the website has to be used. They refer to ALL website users. Section B applies when you purchase products online. We may change the terms from time to time, so we encourage you to review them regularly.

2. When you use the website, we may collect information about you and your visit to the website. You can find information about this in our privacy policy, which is an integral part of these terms and conditions. The privacy policy, together with the terms, regulates the relationship between the two parties and form a contract.


About the website


The website is managed by HNK Hajduk š.d.d., a company registered in Croatia. The headquarters address is 8. Mediteranskih igara 2, 21000 Split. The Comercial Court registry number of the company is 060256739. The contact phone number is +385 21 585 233 and the e-mail address is fanshop@hajduk.hr. Naprid bili d.o.o. is in the VAT system.


Our rights


The copyright and other intellectual property rights on this website and its contents (including design, text, logos, names and other material) are owned by us or our partners. It is not allowed to publish, copy or distribute any part of the website except for private purposes. Any other use without our prior written permission is strictly forbidden. You may not in any way reproduce or use the logos or brand names appearing on the website. We may use any information you provide on our website and may deliver it to a third party upon request.


Website content


We paid great attention to creating the website but none of our directors, employees or other staff shall be liable for any damages, loss or costs that result from your website use. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is acceptable to you and that the information you receive are reliable. We may change, remove or adjust the website content at any time and without warning. We may also post links to other websites, but in this case we are not responsible for their content and information. We cannot guarantee that the website will always be accessible or protected from viruses, errors or similar problems. We are trying to ensure that the product images on the website are as true as possible to the original, but there is always a possibility of a different color shade between the real product and its images.


How to use the website?


Posts or comments that in any way incite violence, hatred and any kind of intolerance are strictly prohibited. Abusive language, aggression or violence towards others are strictly forbidden. Any information you provide must be true and accurate. Impersonation and misrepresentation is strictly forbidden on our website and you must ensure that any provided information is accurate and up-to-date. You may not use third-party information unless you have their prior consent. Hacking attempts or unauthorized misuse of our website that may interrupt or crash the server or enable installment of viruses and similar elements is strictly forbidden. Spamming is also not allowed. We are not responsible for any potential loss that may occur to you because of using the website. If you use a password as a part of our security settings, you must treat it confidential and not disclose it to anyone. We may deny access to anyone who does not comply with the above terms and conditions.