Vridilo se rodit

The campaign " Vridilo se rodit" promotes the positive values of Hajduk, which we instill in our youngest through various activities from the first days and nurture them throughout their lives.

Fan Line 24

"Fan line" Hajduk Split 2023/24 collection derived from the new third jersey. Designed for free time and activities, and guarantees you comfort throughout the day. It comes in two colors: anthracite and turquoise.


Hajduk's latest CUBE collection, which includes men, women and children, and which attracts with the innovative design of the Club crest and recognizable Hajduk colors. A collection like CUBE brings fresh ideas and modern elements, adapted to contemporary trends and needs of all our fans.


The retro product line is inspired by the iconic photo of Hajduk players from 1949, which features legends such as Frano Matošić, Luka Kaliterna and Bernard Vukas. The t-shirts have a recognizable inscription of the club name, and come in different colors from the main blue with white inscription to different variations for men, women and children.

Prgava familija

"In some situations, people with a Mediterranean temperament are misunderstood. And then the fact that they are temperamental, passionate, short-tempered, combative... can be interpreted as arrogance, quarrelsomeness, stubbornness or arrogance. Being grumpy is negative for some, while others perceive the same word as a compliment - a completely different meaning.

The Prgava family campaign talks about exactly that. They talk about those who follow their ideals, who are unique, proud, persistent and who, above all, react to injustice. The story is about Hajduk...


The jerseys were made in cooperation with the technical sponsor Macron and are made of high-quality fabrics, and the use of eco-materials, attention to detail and personalized visual solutions resulted in jerseys that connect the history and identity of the Club.