Preorder away jersey 2021/2022

The new Away shirt has a crew neck and red-blue vertical lines shown through a „marker effect“ on the front and back of the shirt. A silicone printed white Macron Hero, the logo of the Italian brand, occupies the right chest, thus leaving the left, heart side, to Hajduk Split crest.

The backneck is personalized with an internal white label with a blue and red stripe, the club logo and the words HAJDUK ŽIVI VJEČNO (Hajduk lives forever). This motto is also repeated in acronym form (HŽV) in the embossed print on the external collar. Mainly realized in Softlock, the shirt has a slim fit cut and micromesh inserts that guarantee the garment's perfect breathability.

Preorder and secure your away jersey on time. Expected delivery in the second half of September 2021.
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    100.00 KN
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